22 Temmuz 2009 Çarşamba

A Turkish Delight: Seda Egridere

I've never written a blog so far; never been interested in it either! All my friends are bloggers; they write about everything. Delicious food they make, trips they go on, their kids, even their sex life!

To be honest; I always enjoyed their blogs! Sometimes they made me think, sometimes they made me laugh! But it was always good stuff. Each and every one of them would tell me periodically "Renato, start your own blog; you travel all the time. Besides you run a cafe in LA and a bar down in Argentina. You have many interesting stories to share with all of us. So write them and make them immortal. Share your experiences with us!" I would hear those sentences once almost every month! But I've never paid attention to any one of them! 

Until about last spring! Couple of months ago, I met this amazing girl here in LA; an aspiring actress and an amazing dancer: Seda Egridere! A friend of mine introduced us. She was doing a one-act play at my friend's cafe/bar/venue at the time. 

She was so talented; so down-to earth and so sexy all at the same go! I was shocked and relieved to see someone like her in a fake city like Los Angeles among all those boring and stupid wannabes! I watched her play that night and watched her perform a belly-dancing number the following night! She was simply the best!

Seda Egridere is an upcoming Turkish actress/model and she has all those hot and sexy qualities that goes with coming from that land. She's also very smart with double major degrees both in English and Psychology from the best university of her country, Bosphorus University.

She reminds one of the sweetness of Anne Hathaway, the power of Angelina Jolie, beauty of Monica Belluci and the talent of Kate Winslet! I believe she has all the potential of being the next big thing in Hollywood or in her homeland, Turkey! She already has thousands of fans and followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

She is focusing mostly on theater for the time being but just like everyone that has ever seen her on stage, I can't wait to see her in movies and TV series!

I believe she'll have another play opening this fall here in Los Angeles. When I find out the details; I'll write them here and share it with all of you. 

So my friends; here is my first blog and my first recommendation to all of you; follow this girl! Follow Seda Egridere because she's sizzling hot and very talented! She'll be the next big thing! So jump on the ride and be one of those who discovers a rising star earlier than everyone else!

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  1. I totall agree with you Renato! I've been following her plays for a while now in Los Angeles. She's great! Very beautiful, very sexy and very smart!

    SEDA EGRIDERE: we'll hear that name a lot pretty soon!